Topic 1: Nobel Prize in Physics 2023

Why in news: The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2023 has gone to three scientists whose work made it easier to observe electrons, and which has potential applications in the field of diagnosing diseases and developing electronic gadgets.

Key details:

The scientists’ work:

How did they do this?

Significance of the work:

Topic 2: Exercise Sampriti

Why in news: India and Bangladesh commenced the 11th edition of annual joint military exercise, SAMPRITI in Umroi, Meghalaya.

Key details:

Topic 3: SHREYAS scheme

Why in news: The sub-schemes under SHREYAS along with the allocated budget, expenditure details and number of beneficiaries for the last 9 years were briefed in the Parliament.

Key details:

Free Coaching Scheme for SCs and OBCs

Top Class Education for SCs:

National Overseas Scheme for SCs:

National Fellowship for SC Students:

Topic 4: Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)

Why in news: The Delhi Police has sealed the office of news portal NewsClick, alleging it received money for pro-China propaganda. The FIR against the portal invokes the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), the stringent anti-terror law.

Key details:

About UAPA framework:

What Is The Process Of Banning An Organisation?

Origin of the UAPA

Controversy about its bail provisions

Topic 5: Free speech in Southeast Asia

Why in news: Southeast Asian countries are ranked among the worst in the world for standards of press freedom and media rights.

Key details:

Topic 6: Circular migration

Why in news: In India, internal migration, which is migration within a particular country or State, has almost always been circular.

What is circular migration?

Implications of circular migration:

Circular migration within India

Topic 7: Hyponatremia

Why in news: Five years after actor Sridevi’s death from drowning in a bathtub, it was revealed that the cause of death could be due to her no-salt diet.

Key details:

What is hyponatremia?

Signs and symptoms of extremely low salt levels:

Topic 8: Hojagiri dance

Why in news: Tripura’s legendary Hojagiri dance artist and recipient of Padma Shri award Satyaram Reang passed away recently.

About the dance:

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