Topic 1: Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Scheme

Context: The Central government approved Nutrient Based Subsidy for Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potash(K) and Sulphur(S) for the 2023 kharif Season

Key Details:

  1. It ensures the availability of diammonium phosphate DAP and other P&K fertilizers to farmers at subsidized, affordable, and reasonable prices during the Kharif season.
  2. It rationalizes the subsidy on P&K fertilizers, ensuring effective and efficient utilization of government resources.

Source: The Indian Express

 Topic 2 : Liberalization Remittance Scheme (LRS) 

Context: Government amends the rules under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, to bring in the international credit card spends outside India under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS).

Why the move was required?

What would be the consequences?

Source: The Indian Express

 Topic 3: PLI Scheme for IT hardware

Context: The Central Government approved Rs. 17,000cr PLI scheme For IT hardware


The IT hardware sector of India:

Source: The Economic Times

  Topic 4: The Artificial Sweetener

Context: The World Health Organization has recommended against using artificial sweeteners


What WHO has recommended?

Source: The Indian Express

Topic 5: Financial regulators transitioning from LIBOR

Context: RBI recently stated that some financial institutions were yet to facilitate an absolute transition away from the LIBOR benchmark.

What is LIBOR?

What is the controversial story surrounding the global benchmark interest rate?

What are the alternates to LIBOR?

How India is responding to the Regime Change?

Source: The Hindu

Topic 6: Global temperatures set to reach new records in next five years

Context: According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) updates lobal temperatures are likely to surge to record levels in the next five years, fuelled by heat-trapping greenhouse gases and a naturally occurring El Nino event.


Source: The Hindu

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