Topic 1: RBI becomes a net seller of US dollars in FY23


Why RBI become a net seller of US dollars?

What was the value of dollars sold by the RBI?

What was the impact on Indian Economy?

Source: The Indian Express

                Topic 2: Foodgrains, Oilseed harvests set to break records

Context: According to the Agricultural Ministry, India will achieve foodgrain production of 3305.34 Lakh Metric Tonnes (LMT) in the current agricultural year


Source: The Hindu

        Topic 3: India’s exports and imports shrink across many nations for most items

Context: In continuation of the declining trend that has been observed since June last year, India’s exports and imports continue to shrink across many nations for most items.


Predictions of Global Slowdown:

bal financial crisis in 2008-09).

Due to internal demand slowdown and external geo-political tensions, both imports and exports of many developed and developing countries have been contracting in 2023.

Source: The Hindu

                         Topic 4: Bima Sugam: All-in-One Insurance Plan for India

Context: Insurance Regulatary Development Authority (IRDA) is devising an all in one affordable single policy that covers health, life, property and accident risks to give citizens protection, expedite claim settlements by linking death registries onto one industry platform.


Is this a UPI like moment for Insurance sector?

How the policy would be a game changer?

Source: The Hindu

  Topic 5: Government to beef up seed stocks as part of El Nino contingency plan

Context: The Government is increasing Kharif seed reserves to 4% of total seeds in the country up from the usual 1% level as part of contingency plan for drought like situation amid El Nino.


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