IAS exam preparation tips and free resources for UPSC preparation

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Are you in search of IAS study tips and free resources for UPSC Preparation? But not sure about which and how to choose!  We have a solution to all of your problems that is JSSTICE IAS coaching center.

Student preparing for IAS competitive examinations

While preparing for the civil service examination you must have realized it doesn’t matter if you have majored in any particular subject, it does not guarantee success, and the reason behind it is that IAS is in its own league!

JSSTICE IAS academy offers you easy-to-learn notes described in a much simpler way for any subject you need, it’s one of the reasons we are trusted and suggested by most of the IAS aspirants.

Our sole mission is to start preparing students, organizing their habits, with a bit of enjoyable experience. This article contains IAS exam tips which are proved to be helpful during most vital months before exams. For study materials, Notes, important links, join our official webpage provided by our institution.

We will discuss most questions aspirants seek for along with their proper answers and some helpful tips:

1. Start IAS preparation early to gain an advantage

Just waking up early gives you more time to get things done than your peers. You will have more time for yourself you can listen to music to calm use self, get the exercises done. Many research shows that waking up early has many benefits like it increases your memory power and concentration. Which can help you perform better.

2. Time is precious so prioritize time management

You could be preparing by taking drop year or studying along with your job/postgraduation, in any case, the students who can be distinguished among others are the ones who can manage their time properly.

Some topics can take more time than others. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Organize your day, Plan accordingly. Just by doing that can increase your efficiency and productivity many times.

3. Read newspapers and magazines for your IAS exam preparation

As you already know current affairs are the part of Civil services exam syllabus; and the best way to keep up with all the current affairs occurring in the world is by reading daily newspapers, daily/weekly magazines.

You can also join newsfeeds provided by various news websites.

4. Utilize spare time for physical and mental health

Most students are engaged in the daily schedule, they are unaware of the most important things physical and mental health. Its effects may not be visible now but ignoring them may affect your life more than you would think.

But we don’t have any spare time? You are not asked to go for a 10km run daily. There are other ways of taking care of yourself like eating healthy(avoid junk food), keeping yourself hydrated, meditate daily even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes.

5. Read IAS topper interviews and strategies

If one technique works for a student it definitely doesn’t mean it will work for others. But when you encounter successful students try to read their interviews, understand their strategies. How will it help?  It will help it in different ways! Try to find similarities between you, if your method doesn’t work try to use theirs’s, it might help. Pick up their good habits and avoid their mistakes, simple!

6. Enroll in JSSTICE IAS test series

Testing your knowledge regularly helps you know where you are standing and how much further you have to go. Daily practice, mock tests, test discussion and you are ready to go!

Join JSSTICE IAS test series based on the latest pattern and syllabus. Clear your doubts with our best faculty.

7. Read recommended books and take handwritten notes

There are many notes available in the market claiming they will surely help you in your IAS exam preparations, but handwritten notes made by yourself are always the best when the time comes they are going to be most useful. Attend every lecture and make them user self!

Ask your seniors or teachers to recommend to you some books that they found useful, our institute provides you with a large library facility. Go to the library and hit some books.

Books + handwritten notes + proper lectures+ mock tests + discussion

THAT’S THE CODE, good luck!

JSSTICE IAS coaching centre not only provides you with prelims+mains+interview full preparation but also provides you study material and free consultation. Visit here for book lists to help your preparation

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