Topic 1 : Mekedatu project

Context: Karnataka and Tamil Nadu clashed over Mekedatu project

What is the Mekedatu project?

Opposition to the project

The Supreme Court Verdict

Environmental concerns

Topic 2 : Agni-1 ballistic missile

Context: A successful training launch of a Medium-Range Ballistic Missile, Agni-1 was carried out by the Strategic Forces Command from APJ Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha recently.

Agni-1 ballistic missile

What is a ballistic missile?

The Agni Missile system:

Agni-IMRBM700–1,200 kmOperational
Agni-PMRBM1,000-2,000 km  Under development
Agni-IIMRBM2,000–3,500 kmOperational
Agni-IIIIRBM3,000–5,000 km  Operational
Agni-IVIRBM3,500–4,000  kmOperational
Agni-VICBM7,000–8,000 kmOperational
Agni-VIICBM11,000–12,000 kmUnder development

Topic 3: Who should own the world’s lithium?

Context: The news of potentially significant reserves of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir has been welcomed universally.

Status of India’s lithium industry

Who should own these minerals?

How do other countries manage lithium reserves?

Way forward for India

Topic 4: Formation water

Context: A mixture consisting of plant-based biomaterial, biosurfactant, and NPK fertilizer can help efficient restoration of formation water.

What is formation water?

Challenges associated with formation water:

The new technology for its treatment:

Topic 5: BRICS FM meeting in South Africa

Context: India’s External Affairs Minister is in Cape Town, South Africa, to attend a meeting of the foreign ministers of BRICS.

Key agendas for the meeting:

What is the BRICS?

How did BRICS Begin?

Role of the BRICS

Principles of BRICS:

Topic 6: President’s Rule

Context: Imposition of President’s Rule in Manipur and creation of a separate administration for tribals were among the key demands from tribal leaders who met Union Home Minister recently.

What is President’s Rule?

How is President’s rule imposed in a state?

Does the President’s rule impact people?

Duration of the President’s rule

What option do the elected representatives of the state have?

Topic 7: President in Govt contracts: Art 299

Context: The Supreme Court has held that the government, when entering into a contract under the President’s name, cannot claim immunity from the legal provisions of that contract under Article 299 of the Constitution, in a recent case.

What is Article 299 of the Constitution?

Topic 8: RBI’s ‘lightweight’ payments system

Context: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has conceptualised a lightweight payment and settlements system, which it is calling a “bunker” equivalent of digital payments, which can be operated from anywhere by a bare minimum staff in exigencies such as natural calamities or war.

Key details:

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