Phishing Attacks in India 

Syllabus: GS3/Internal Security


Key Findings

What is a Phishing Attack?

Reasons for phishing attacks

Steps taken by Government 

International Measures

– Budapest Convention: It is the 1st international treaty to address cybercrime. India is not a signatory to the treaty.
– Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN): It is a US-based not-for-profit organization for coordinating & maintenance of several databases.
– Internet Governance Forum: It is the United Nations forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on Internet governance issues.

Concluding Remarks

Source: TH

Why can accused persons in prison contest polls but not vote?

Syllabus: GS2/Polity and Governance



Bar against contesting elections 

Exceptions to disqualification

Bar against the right to vote

Anukul Chandra Pradhan, Advocate, Supreme Court v. Union of India, 1997

Source: IE

Balanced Fertilisation 

Syllabus: GS3/Economy/Agriculture



What is DAP?

– Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) is a type of fertilizer that contains phosphorus and nitrogen, two essential nutrients for plant growth.
– It has the chemical formula (NH₄)₂HPO₄. 
– DAP is commonly used in agriculture to provide a quick and readily available source of nutrients to plants.
– It is the second most commonly used fertilizer in India after urea. 

What is Nano DAP?

– It is a unique liquid fertilizer product that contains nanoparticles of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP). 
– It is a source of nitrogen and phosphorus – 2 key primary nutrients essential for the growth of crops. 
– The small size of Nano DAP (< 100 nm) and high surface area drive the easy absorption by plant leaves.
– It is a novel nano-formulation which helps in better crop growth and yield, reduced environmental burden and increased farmer profitability.

Concerns of Using Urea in High Concentration

Government Initiatives

Way Ahead

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News in Short

Blood Minerals

Syllabus: GS1/Distribution of Key Natural Resources


About the Blood Minerals

Heart of the Issue

Source: DTE

Front Running

Syllabus: GS3/ Economy

In News

About Front Running

Source: LM

Rise in Cocoa Prices

Syllabus: GS3/Economy; Major Crops


About the Cocoa Beans

Reasons For Recent Price Surge

Source: TH

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