Topic 1 : FEAST Programme

Why in news: A James Webb telescope’s stunning click shows spiral-shaped M-83 galaxy under the FEAST programme.

Key details:

FEAST program

Why in news: After Gir, Barda Wildlife Sanctuary proposed as second home for Asiatic lions

Key details:

Topic 3 : Operation Cactus

Why in news: As Maldives’ president-elect doubles down on his ‘India Out’ stance, a look at the events of November 3, 1988, when Indian troops intervened to thwart a coup attempt in Maldives.

Key details:

India gets involved

Why in news: The Indian Railways (IR) has been on a spending spree after the government merged its rail budget with the main budget, but its operating ratio, which is the ratio of ordinary working expenses to the gross traffic receipts, has shown no improvement.

Key details:

Problems associated with Indian Railways:

Some potential solutions:

How cargo transport can be improved

Way forward:

Why in news: A slew of studies have shown a direct and serious impact of air pollution on GDP growth and per capita income levels.

Key details:

The challenge for India

Impact on service sector:

Why in news: The Supreme Court pulled up an Advocate-on-Record (AoR) for filing a frivolous case and dismissed the public interest litigation.

About Advocate-on-Record (AoR):


Rules governing the AoR system

Why in news: Prime Minister of India inaugurates World Food India 2023.

Key details:

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