Topic 1 : Assam catkin yew

Why in news: Experts raises concern that there is a need to conserve Assam catkin yew.

Key details:

Why in news: Amid Israel’s ongoing military attacks on the Gaza Strip, particularly in its southern region, United Nations Secretary-General has invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter in a bid to establish a ceasefire.

About Article 99 of the UN Charter:

Topic 3 : Section 6A of the Citizenship Act

Why in news: A five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court began hearing pleas challenging Section 6A of the Citizenship Act, which was introduced in the statute following the signing of the Assam Accord.

What is Section 6A?


The Assam Accord

The citizenship Act:

The challenge:

Why is Section 6A under challenge?

Why in news: India’s first Pompe disease patient, passed away recently at the age of 24 years after battling the disease.

About Pompe Disease:



Topic 5 : Global Cooling Pledge

Why in news: Sixty-three countries, including the US, Canada, and Kenya, signed up to the world’s first-ever pledge to drastically cut cooling emissions at the ongoing COP28 climate summit.

Key details:

Sources of cooling emissions:


Way forward:

Why in news: Recently a video featuring an actor went viral on social media which was manipulated using deepfake technology.

What are deepfakes?

Emergence of deepfake technology:

Laws against the misuse of deepfakes:

Legal vacuum:

How have other countries fared?

Way forward:

Why in news: An organisation of the Hatti community in Himachal Pradesh will organise a protest march to press their demand for the implementation of a law giving the Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to the community.

Key details:

Who are the Hattis?

Since when have the Hattis been demanding tribal status?

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