Topic 1 : ASEAN

Why in news: In his address at the ASEAN-India summit in Jakarta, Prime Minister of India said India supports ASEAN’s centrality and outlook on the Indo-Pacific.

What is ASEAN?

India’s and ASEAN

Relevance of ASEAN for India:


Way forward: 

Topic 2 : Bharat Mandapam Nataraja

Why in news: The magnificent Nataraja sculpture that has been installed at Bharat Mandapam, venue of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, portrays Lord Shiva in a form that was first seen in the fifth century AD.

Key details:

The Cholas and Nataraja

Shiva as the Lord of Dance

Portrayal of Nataraja:

The lost wax method

Why in news: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked fintech entities to form a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO).

What is an SRO?

Need and significance of an SRO

Benefits of an SRO

Functions of an SRO

How can an entity become an SRO?

Topic 4 : Heat index

Why in news: Recently, Iran recorded a scorching heat index of 70 degrees Celsius (°C) in the coastal part of the country, a metric at which survival of life is unfathomable, if not impossible.

About heat index

Significance of measuring the heat index

Impact of high humidity on human body

What measures can we take to adapt?

Why in news: The spike in the prices of vegetables, especially tomatoes and other food items, has taken a toll on Indian households’ budgets and households have seen a 24.26 per cent rise in making a vegetarian thali meal and a 12.54 per cent increase in the case of non-vegetarian thali.

What is Thalinomics/ Thali economics:

How has the price rise in food items affected households?

What’s a thali meal and how are its costs calculated?

Why in news: The Centre has sought public comments on the draft guidelines for prevention and regulation of “dark patterns” on the Internet, particularly in e-commerce platforms.

Key details:

About dark patterns:

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