Sagol Kangjei

A 122-foot-tall statue of a polo player astride a Manipur Pony was inaugurated in the Marjing Polo Complex, Imphal.

Manipur Pony

Keezhanthoor Coffee

The traditional coffee farmers of Anchunad at Marayur in Idukki are reaping the benefits of organic farming.

Superconductivity in Mercury

A group of researchers from Italy have published a paper to fully understand how superconductivity operates in mercury.



A superconductor conducts electricity with zero resistance to the flow of electrons. Generally achieved at very low temperatures.

Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) Theory

Coulomb Repulsion is the repulsive force between 2 positive or negative charges, as described by Coulomb’s law.

Living Root Bridges

A farmer takes forward the traditional practice of building root bridges and connects two areas across Umkar River in Cherrapunjee.


A solid performance of the Margamkali by school girls was seen during the Kerala School Kalolsavam 2023.

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