Topic 1: Goldilocks moment

Context: In its latest policy review that was unveiled recently, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the RBI decided to maintain the status quo.

What is a goldilocks scenario?

 Topic 2: Tropical cyclones in Indian ocean

Context: A cyclonic storm, named Biparjoy, has developed in the Arabian Sea.

How did Cyclone Biparjoy get its name and how are cyclones named?

The process:

The rules:

Development of cyclones in the Arabian sea

How cyclone is formed?

Comparison between Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea cyclones:

Topic 3: The onset of the monsoon

Context: The southwest monsoon has set in over the Kerala coast after delay of few days.

What is the “onset of the monsoon”?

What are these conditions, which determine the onset of monsoon?

Topic 4: Maiden India-France-UAE Maritime Partnership Exercise

Context: The first edition of India, France and UAE Maritime Partnership Exercise commenced recently in the Gulf of Oman.

Key details:

INS Tarkash:

Topic 5: Cyclone’s effect on monsoon onset

Context: The impact of global warming on the monsoons are manifest in its onset, withdrawal, seasonal total rainfall, and extremes. Global warming also affects the cyclones over the Indian Ocean and the typhoons over the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Key details:

Why does a cyclone’s position matter?                                                           

Topic 6: Agni Prime

Context: Agni Prime ballistic missile successfully flight-tested by DRDO off Odisha coast

Key details:

Topic 7: National Exit Test

Context: The Union Health Ministry announced that the National Exit Test (NExT) will be held from 2024.

Key details:

Topic 8: Atlantic Declaration

Context: The United States and Britain announced a new strategic pact as their leaders rededicated the “special relationship” to counter Russia, China and economic instability.

Key details:

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