Topic 1: Quote: The process of self-discovery has now been technologically outsourced

Context: Technological developments have long fascinated humans, not just in terms of how they help make our lives more efficient, but also for the vast potential they hold for influencing society beyond their immediate impact.

The idea of self-discovery

Different methods of self discovery:

Role of technology in the process of self-discovery

Way forward:

Topic 2: Stray dogs and poor waste management

Context: Frequent reports of dogs attacking people to death have made the management of stray dogs an administrative and legal issue.

Dog bites and poor waste management

Role of urbanisation


Topic 3: Neurotoxins

Context: 11 people died due to a gas leak in the Giaspura area of Ludhiana, Punjab, while four people fell ill and were hospitalised.

What are neurotoxins?

Neurotoxic gases

Topic 4: Shilabhattarika

Context: Researchers recently embarked on a mission after which they claim to have shed new light on Shilabhattarika.

Key details:

Topic 5: Thrissur Pooram

Context: Revellers packed the streets of Thrissur to soak in the festival spirit of Thrissur Pooram.

Key details:

Topic 6: Barsu Refinery project

Context: The Maharashtra government started conducting soil testing at Rajapur tehsil’s Barsu village in the coastal Ratnagiri district.

Key details:

What is the Barsu refinery project?

Topic 7: Article 142

Context: A constitution or five-judge bench of the Supreme Court held that it can exercise its powers under Article 142 of the Constitution to directly grant a decree of divorce to consenting parties, in cases of irretrievable breakdown of marriage, without referring the parties to a family court.

Current procedure under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA)


What is Article 142 of the Constitution?

Important instances when Article 142 was invoked

History of Article 142

Topic 8: International Labour Day

Context: May Day 2023 marks a hundred years since it was first commemorated in India on May 1, 1923, in the city of Madras.

Key details:

About International Labour Day:

May Day in India:

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