Editorial 1: The inter-services organisation bill

Context: The Rajya Sabha recently passed a bill that empowers the commander-in-chief and the officer-in-command of inter-services organisations with disciplinary and administrative powers over personnel from the other services serving in them.

Key details:

What will change with the enactment of the bill?

Editorial 2: The Assam Rifles

Context: Police in Manipur have registered an FIR accusing the Assam Rifles (AR) of preventing police from doing their duty.

About Assam Rifles:

History and origin:

Topic 3: Kerala to be renamed as Keralam

Context: The Kerala Assembly passed a resolution urging the Centre to rename the state as “Keralam” in the Constitution and all office records.

Key details:

Demands for the modern state and its formation:

What is the process to rename a state?

Topic 4: Small nuclear modular reactors

Context: Small modular reactors, a type of nuclear reactor can be helpful to India for achieving net zero targets.

Key details:

What is decarbonisation?

Challenges of decarbonisation

Advantages of Nuclear power:

Advantages of SMRs

Need for an efficient regulatory regime

How can SMRs be integrated with the national grid?

Way forward:


Topic 5: Indian Web Browser Development Challenge

Context: Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) launched the Indian Web Browser Development Challenge (IWBDC) recently.

Key details:

Topic 6: Sponge cities

Context: China has been hit by devastating floods recently, inundating cities and causing deaths and infrastructural damage, as well as raising questions about the effectiveness of its 2015 “sponge city” initiative aimed at reducing urban flood risks.

Key details:

About sponge cities:

Topic 7: Position of states vis-a-vis Uniform Civil Code

Context: The Kerala Legislative Assembly recently unanimously adopted a resolution expressing its concern and anxiety over the Union Government move to impose a uniform civil code (UCC).’

Key details:

Can the Centre make a law unilaterally on UCC?

Can states bring their own personal laws?

Topic 8: Centre’s new Bill on Election Commission members’ appointments

Context: With the view of overturning the effect of the Supreme Court verdict on the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and Election Commissioners (ECs), a Bill was listed to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday (August 10).

Key details:

New process under the Bill

Can the Parliament undo a decision of the Supreme Court?

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