Topic 1 : Exercise JIMEX

Context: The seventh edition of the bilateral Japan-India Maritime Exercise 2023 (JIMEX 23) is being conducted.

Key details:

Context: Days after the carcass of a sperm whale washed up on a shore of the Canary Island a pathologist found ambergris, also known as ‘floating gold’.

About Ambergris

Context: Tomato growers in Maharashtra and Karnataka have blamed cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) for the loss of yields.

About CMV and ToMV

Topic 4 : Uniform Civil Code

Context: Recently, Prime Minister of India emphasised the crucial need for the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India.

About Uniform Civil Code

Constitutional status:

Has any state implemented the UCC?

Arguments For Uniform Civil Code

Arguments Against Uniform Civil Code

Impact of UCC on different personal laws:

Way forward:

Context: The Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), called for a reunification of the Zo people in view of the continuing ethnic violence between the dominant Meiteis and the Kuki-Zomi tribes in the neighbouring state.

About the Zo community

Topic 6 : Data Protection Bill

Context: The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022, a draft of which was floated previously, is expected to be tabled in Parliament’s Monsoon Session.

About the Bill:

Key highlights of the Bill

Arguments for the Bill:

Arguments against the Bill:

Comparison with other countries:


Context: Officials plan to shift some African cheetahs from Kuno National Park (KNP) in Madhya Pradesh to the Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh itself.

About Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary:

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