Topic 1: Supreme Court’s public interest immunity claim procedure

Context: The SC devised a procedure for “public interest immunity claim” as a less restrictive alternative to sealed covers for deciding claims involving state secrets.

What is the public interest immunity claim?

What is sealed cover jurisprudence?Sealed cover jurisprudence is a practise utilised by the Supreme Court and, in some cases, subordinate courts, in which material from government agencies is requested or accepted in sealed envelopes that can only be viewed by judges.

Topic 2: National Party

Context: The Election Commission recognised the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as a national party, while revoking that status of the All India Trinamool Congress, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Communist Party of India (CPI).

What is a national party?

When does the Election Commission of India grant a party ‘national’ status?

What are the criteria to be recognised as a state party?

Benefits of getting recognised as a national party in India

Topic 3: UN Democracy Fund

Context: India and the US were prime movers behind the UN Democracy Fund in 2005, when they were negotiating the civilian nuclear co-operation deal.

Key details:

Topic 4: How have recent weather events affected wheat crop?

Context: The unusual rise in temperature in February this year, followed by an untimely spell of widespread rain have left wheat-growing farmers worried as they anticipate a drop in yield (productivity), output (production) and quality.

How will the rains affect wheat crop?

How much output would be affected?


What are western disturbances?A western disturbance is an extratropical cyclone that originates in the Mediterranean region and provides heavy winter rain to the Indian subcontinent’s northern regions. A Western Disturbance is defined by as a low-pressure depression or trough over the surface or upper-air in the westerly winds regime north of 20 degrees north, causing pressurewind pattern, and temperature fields to fluctuate.The term ‘Western’ alludes to the direction they came from in India.Because the air in low-pressure systems is unstable or disturbed, the term “disturbance” is used.It was coined by Indian meteorologists to describe systems moving from west to east.Most winter and pre-monsoon season rainfall in North-West India is due to Western Disturbances.Cloudy skieswarmer night temperatures, and unexpected rain are frequently linked with this event.Western disturbances are thought to account for around 5-10% of India’s total yearly rainfall.In the winter, western winds bring moderate to heavy rain to low-lying areas and heavy snow to the Indian subcontinent’s mountainous regions.Rain during the winter season is critical for rabi crops such as wheatbarleymustardgramlentil, etc., one of India’s most important crops.Crop failure and water shortages are linked to weak western disturbances in north India.Farmers can benefit from strong western disturbances as it helps with water scarcity.

Topic 5: Online gaming rules in Tamil Nadu vs the Centre

Context: The Tamil Nadu government received its Governor’s approval for a Bill banning online gambling, just one business day after the Centre notified fresh rules for online gaming.

Key details:

What is Online Gaming?

How big is the online gaming market in India?

Why online gaming is growing in India?

Other laws to monitor the online gaming industry in India

Issues associated with online gaming

Topic 6: The Gilens model

Context: A study on Norway’s democracy was undertaken to assess the extent of policy unresponsiveness in a democracy that has ‘gone furthest in reducing economic inequality and restricting money in politics’

The case for democracy

The Gilens model

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