Cold Wave

Delhi and other parts of northwest India have been reeling under a cold wave spell.

 CriteriaBased on actual temperatureBased on Minimum temperature departure from normal
When minimum temperatureFor plains ≤10°CFor hilly regions ≤0°CCold wave≤4.0°C-4.5°C to -6.5°C
Severe cold wave≤2.0°C≥ -6.5°C
For Coastal region≤15°C≤ -4.5°C

Over the past decade, the number of cold wave days for Delhi in January has ranged from none to 7.

Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion

The first ‘Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion’ meeting of the G20 will begin in Kolkata.


A study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has shed light on how blackbuck in India have fared challenges to their survival.


Mantle Plumes

A new study shows evidence of an active mantle plume beneath the surface of the Mars.


Eat Right Schools Initiative

Chandigarh has implemented the ‘Eat Right School’ initiative and to focus on 100 government schools in the first phase of this initiative.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

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