Topic 1: Guru Tegh Bahadur

Context: The Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth guru of the Sikhs was celebrated recently.

About Tegh Bahadur:

Topic 2: Mankading

Context: Bowler Harshal Patel fumbled his Mankad attempt against Lucknow Super Giants tail-ender Ravi Bishnoi, costing his team the game.

What is mankading:

Topic 3: Good Friday Agreement

Context: US President Joe Biden is to visit Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Key details:

Topic 4: Saudi Arabia’s quest for strategic autonomy

Context: Saudi Arabia is now reaching out to old rivals, holding talks with new enemies and seeking to balance between great powers, all while trying to transform its economy at home

How is Saudi foreign policy changing?

Why are there changes now?

Saudi’s relation with other nations:

What are the implications for the region?

Challenges before Saudi Arabia:

The Arab LeagueThe Arab or the League of Arab States, is a regional organization in the Arab world.It is located in Northern AfricaWestern AfricaEastern Africa, and Western Asia.Established:The Arab League was formed in Cairo in 1945, initially with six members:Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan (renamed Jordan in 1949), Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.Currently, the League has 22 membersDecision making:Each member state has one vote in the Council of the Arab League, and decisions are binding only for those states that have voted for them.

Topic 5: Zojila tunnel

Context: Union Road Transport and Highways Minister inspected the under-construction Zojila tunnel, which will establish all-weather connectivity between the Union Territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

About the Zojila tunnel

Need of the tunnel:

Cost of the project

Topic 6: SC to review 1992 judgement barring police custody beyond 15 days

Context: The Supreme Court said that its existing position on whether an accused can be detained in police custody beyond a period of 15 days from the initial date of arrest needs a review.

The case:

What does the law say about police custody?

Why is police custody allowed only at the time of arrest?

Judicial custody vs police custody

What happens after the 15-day custody?

Topic 7: Doctrine of Promissory estoppel

Context: Supreme Court dismissed petitions challenging the Delhi High Court judgment which upheld the Agnipath scheme for recruitment to the armed forces.

What was the case?

What is the doctrine of promissory estoppel?

How does it relate to the Agnipath case?

What Is Agnipath Scheme?

Who are agniveers?

Benefits under the scheme

Topic 8: Draft ‘Sagarmala Innovation and Start-up Policy’

Context: Draft ‘Sagarmala Innovation and Start-up Policy’ issued for Stakeholder Consultation

Key details:

About Sagarmala projectThe Sagarmala project is a flagship initiative by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways.It was launched in 2015.The main objective of this initiative is the integrated development of all maritime-related activities.It will provide infrastructure to facilitate quick transportation of goods to and from the ports.The vision of the Sagarmala project is to reduce the logistics costs for domestic and EXIM (export-import) and cargo through infrastructure investment.  Four pillars of the projectPort modernisationPort connectivityPort-led industrialisationCoastal community development

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