Topic 1: Types of Cyclones

Context: Cyclone Biparjoy, which is expected to generate wind speeds of 125-135 kmph with gusts reaching up to 150 kmph by the time it reaches land, is a tropical cyclone.

What is a cyclone?

Types of cyclones:

What are extratropical cyclones?

What are tropical cyclones?

National Disaster Management AuthorityThe National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is India’s apex statutory body for disaster management.The NDMA was formally constituted on 27th September 2006, by the Disaster Management Act, 2005.The Prime Minister is its chairperson and it has nine other members.One of the nine members is designated as Vice-Chairperson.Disaster Management Act also envisaged the creation of State Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) headed by respective Chief Ministers and the District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMA) headed by the District CollectorsDistrict Magistrate and co-chaired by Chairpersons of the local bodies.The primary responsibility for the management of disaster rests with the State Government concerned.However, the National Policy on Disaster Management puts in place an enabling environment for all i.e., the Centre, state and district.India is also a signatory to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) that sets targets for disaster management.

Topic 2: National Crisis Management Committee

Context: National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) meets to review preparedness for impending cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ in Arabian Sea

Role of National Crisis Management Committee

National Disaster Response Force

Topic 3: Exercise Ekuverin

Context: Indo-Maldives Joint Military Exercise “Ekuverin” Commenced At Chaubatia, Uttarakhand.

Key details:

Topic 4: Global Slavery Index

Context: The Global Slavery Index 2023 was published recently.

Key details:

What is Modern Slavery?

What is the Global Slavery Index?

Country-wise findings

Criticism of the index:


Topic 5: Will a hike in MSP help farmers?

Context: The Centre announced the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for this year’s summer (kharif) season crops, hiking prices between 5-10% from last season

How does the MSP work?

Concerns even after the hike:

Foodgrain stock and its significance

Way forward:

Topic 6: Betelgeuse

Context: By examining Betelgeuse’s pulsation, researchers from Japan and Switzerland recently reported that the star is in its late carbon-burning stage.

About Betelgeuse

Topic 7: CoWIN portal

Context: After an alleged data leak of COVID vaccination beneficiaries, the Union Health Ministry said that the CoWIN portal was completely safe with adequate safeguards for data privacy. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) set to investigate the issue and submit a report.

About CoWIN
What is CERT-In?Indian Computer Emergency Response Team’ (CERT-In) is the national agency for cyber security incident response and proactive measures for the prevention of cyber incidents in the Country.CERT-In has been appointed by Central Government in under The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000).What is Cyber Security Incident?It means any real or suspected adverse event in relation to cyber security that violates an explicitly or implicitly applicable security policy resulting in unauthorised accessdenial of service or disruptionunauthorised use of a computer resource for processing or storage of information or changes in data, information without authorisation.Functions of CERT-In?Collectionanalysis and dissemination of information on cyber incidents.Forecast and alerts of cyber security incidents.Emergency measures for handling cyber security incidents.Coordination of cyber incident response activities.Issue guidelinesadvisoriesvulnerability notes and whitepapers relating to information security practices, procedures, prevention, response and reporting of cyber incidents.Such other functions relating to cyber security as may be prescribed.

Topic 8: The Svalbard mission

Context: In 1997, a Rohini RH-300 Mk-II sounding rocket rose to the skies from Svalbard, Norway which was shipped by India.

Key details:

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