Topic 1: National Medical Commission’s new guidelines

Context: These are some of the guidelines for the professional conduct of registered doctors of modern medicine recently notified by the ethics and medical registration board under the country’s apex regulator National Medical Commission (NMC).

About the guidelines:

About National Medical Commission National Medical Commission (NMC) is a regulatory body which regulates medical education and medical professionals.It replaced the Medical Council of India in 2020.The Commission:grants recognition of medical qualifications,gives accreditation to medical schools,grants registration to medical practitioners,monitors medical practice andassesses the medical infrastructure in India.

Topic 2: Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

Context: Russia’s Luna 25 could land on the moon days before Chandrayaan-3

Key details:

How do the missions differ?

Topic 3: Three bills to overhaul India’s Criminal Justice system (updated from 12th August 2023)

Context: Union Home Minister introduced three bills in the Lok Sabha to replace the Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure and the Indian Evidence Act with the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita and the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill respectively.

Changes in CrPC:

Changes in IPC:

How was Section 377 decriminalized?In 2018, a five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court led by then Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra unanimously decriminalised consensual sex between two adults irrespective of their gender and partially struck down Section 377 of the IPC.However, in its ruling, the court also made it clear that other aspects dealing with unnatural sex with animals and children still remained in force, and that it was confining its order to consenting acts between two adults.

Topic 4: How to make Urea more efficient as a fertilizer

Context: Recently, Prime Minister of India officially launched ‘Urea Gold’ fertiliser.

What are fertilisers?

About Urea Gold:

The problem with urea:

The solution: Urea Gold

Consumption of fertilizer in India

Fertiliser subsidy by the government

Recent challenges

What is a nano urea liquid?

Way forward:

Topic 5: PC import curbs

Context: Recently, the government restricted the import of laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, ultra-small form factor computers and servers.

Key details:

Need of the move:

Status of domestic production:

Way forward:

Topic 6: Flying fox bats

Context: India’s largest species of bats, named after a canine fabled to be sly, spends 7% of its day-roosting time being environmentally vigilant, a new study has said.

About Flying fox:

Topic 7: Law on protection of Indian manuscripts

Context: The government is planning to introduce the National Manuscripts Bill, 2023.

Key details:

Topic 8: The debate around Article 370

Context: The ongoing arguments before a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court on the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370 throw considerable light on the history behind the unique status enjoyed by the State until August 2019, when the Centre removed it.

Why was J&K given special status?

Was the accession temporary?

Features of Article 370

How was the special status removed?

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