Kovind Panel submitted Report on Simultaneous Election

Syllabus: GS2/Polity and Governance



Suggestions of the Panel

Arguments In Favour of One Nation One Election

Arguments Against One Nation One Election

Way Ahead

Source: TH

India to become upper middle-income country by 2031

Syllabus: GS3/Indian Economy


Major highlights of the Crisil India Outlook report

What does upper middle class status mean?

– As per World Bank definition, lower-middle income countries are those with per-capita income of USD 1,000-4,000, and upper-middle income countries are those with per capita income between USD 4,000-12,000.
– Fiscal 2031 will mark the year when India enters the club of upper middle-income countries with per-capita income rising to USD 4,500, Crisil said.

Drivers for the growth

Traditional Growth Engines: 

Emerging Growth Drivers:

Additional Factors:

Challenges on the way

Macroeconomic Issues:

Structural Issues:

Other Challenges:

Measures needed

Investment and Infrastructure:

Human Capital Development:

Boosting Manufacturing and Exports:

Rural & Agricultural Development:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

Fiscal Consolidation and Sustainability:

Digital Economy:

Way Forward

Source: ET

Digitalisation of Agriculture in India

Syllabus: GS3/Indian Economy, Agriculture



Digital Infrastructure in Agriculture

Role of Digital Public Infrastructure for Agriculture in India

Benefits of Digital Agriculture

Challanges in Implementation of Digital Agriculture in India


Government Initiatives


Source: PIB

Human Development Report 2023- 24

Syllabus: GS3/Economy


About Human Development Index (HDI)

Major Findings

India’s Progress in HDI Since 1990

– India has shown remarkable progress in human development over the years. 
– Since 1990, life expectancy at birth has risen by 9.1 years; expected years of schooling have increased by 4.6 years, and mean years of schooling have grown by 3.8 years. 
– India’s GNI per capita has grown by approximately 287 percent. 

Recommendation as per the Report for Improvement in HDI:

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