Topic 1 : Active and Passive equity funds

Why in news: According to a recent study, active equity funds witnessed net inflows of about Rs 74,000 crore and passive equity funds saw Rs 9,000 crore of inflows.

What are active funds?

What are passive funds?

Active vs passive fund:

Why in news: Traffickers of narcotic substances from Assam and Mizoram have used excavators to carve a 10-km path from the International Border to the nearest habitation in the neighbouring country that starts from the Tiau river, which marks India’s border with Myanmar

About the river:

Topic 3 : Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Why in news: The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) grouping is meeting in San Francisco in the United States.

About APEC:

Role of APEC:

India and APEC:

Why in news: Italy’s Mount Etna, which is one of the world’s most active volcanoes erupted recently.

About Mount Etna:

Other volcanoes with long term eruptions:

What is a volcano?

How do volcanoes erupt?

Volcanoes active in Pacific Ring of Fire

Can scientists predict volcanic eruptions?

A recent paper confirm that functional foods such as almonds are associated with several health benefits.

What are functional foods?

Topic 6 : Krushi Sanjivani Prakalp scheme

Why in news: Maharashtra’s project funds for climate-resilient agriculture has gone to just a few districts and types of interventions

About the scheme:

Problem areas:

Topic 7 : State of Food and Agriculture report

Why in news: India’s total hidden costs of agrifood systems were approximately $1.1 trillion, the third largest in the world after China and United States (US), according to the State of Food and Agriculture report by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Key details:

Topic 8 : Strategies to reduce crop residue burning for air pollution mitigation

Why in news: A Delhi-based think tank Centre for Science and Environment presented strategies to reduce crop residue burning in 2017 to reduce crop residue burning for air pollution mitigation.

Why are farmers burning crop residues?


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