Topic 1: River Mandovi Water Dispute

Context: Goa is concerned about Karnataka’s plan to construct the Kalasa Bhandura canal to divert water from the upper reaches of Mhadei to the Malaprabha basin.

About River Mandovi:

What is the Dispute?

  Source: The Indian Express

Topic 2: India’s Goods Exports Plunges Most in 3 years

Key Details:

Source: Livemint

             Topic 3: Gaps in the AePS transaction model

What is AePS?

Are AePS transactions enabled by default?

How is biometric information leaked?

How the Aadhaar biometric information could be secured?

Source: The Hindu

       Topic 4: Priority Sector Lending norms to be revamped

Context: The government is considering restructuring the priority sector lending (PSL) scheme to allow deposits made by banks in the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) and such other funds to qualify as exposure under PSL.

What are the norms for PSL?

How the proposed changes will impact banks?

The top five industries that drive credit growth for banks are:Large industry (about 20%)Housing (about 15%)NBFCs (about 10%)Trade (about 6%)Vehicle loans (about 4%).

Source: Livemint

Topic 5: The new Alzheimer’s Drug

Context: The new Alzheimer’s drug Donanemab was found to slow down cognitive decline by 35% in people with early Alzheimer’s.

Key Details:

The new drug has been developed by the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. It was observed that the new Drug named ‘Donanemab’, does not only slow down cognitive decline by 355 but it also noted a 40% less decline in people’s ability to do day to day tasks.

What is Alzheimer?

How does the Drug work:

Significance of the findings:

Dementia in India:

Source: The Hindu

Topic 6: The Counter Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, Thiruvananthapuram

Source: Livemint

Topic 7: Russia becomes India’s biggest Crude oil Supplier by Volume


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