Topic 1 : Gamma Ray Bursts

Why in news: Earth was hit by a massive Gamma Ray Bursts.

Key details:


What are gamma-ray bursts?

What causes a gamma-ray burst?

How powerful are gamma-ray bursts?

Why in news: Scientists, researchers discover new gecko species endemic to Mizoram

Key details:

Why in news: The electric battery has increased the penetration of motorisation and the lack of wires in our lives.

Invention of the electric battery:

What is an electric battery?

Concepts of a battery:

Problems with these batteries:

Types of batteries:

Why in news: The Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs has suggested that adultery should be re-instituted as a crime in the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS), 2023, the proposed law to replace the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860.

What is Adultery in India?

History of Adultery Law in India

Legal position on adultery:

What has the House Committee recommended?

Why it was struck down?

Can the Supreme Courts decision in this case be undone?

Why in news: Prime Minister of India launched the PM-PVTG Development Mission for most backward of the Scheduled Tribes

Who are Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups?

States /UTPVTGs
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana1. Bodo Gadaba
2. Bondo Porja
3. Chenchu
4. Dongria Khond
5. Gutob Gadaba
6. Khond Porja
7. Kolam
8. Konda Reddi
9. Konda Savara
10. Kutia Khond
11. Parengi Porja
12. Thoti
Bihar & Jharkhand 
13. Asur
14. Birhor
15. Birjia
16. Hill Kharia
17. Korwas
18. Mal Paharia
19. Parhaiya
20. Sauria Paharia
21. Savar
Gujarat22. Kathodi
23. Kolgha
24. Kotwalia
25. Padhar
26. Siddi
Karnataka27. Jenu Kuruba
28. Koraga
Kerala29. Cholanaikkan
30. Kadar
31. Kattunayakan
32. Koraga
33. Kurumba
Madhya Pradesh &Chhattisgarh 
34. Abujh Maria
35. Baiga
36. Bharia
37. Birhor
38. Hill Korwa
39. Kamar
40. Saharia
Maharashtra41. Kathodi
42. Kolam/Katkari people
43. Maria Gond/Katkari people
Manipur44. Maram Naga
Odisha45. Birhor
46. Bondo
47. Chuktia Bhunjia
48. Didayi
49. Dongria Khond
50. Juang
51. Kharia
52. Kutia Khond
53. Lanjia Saura
54. Lodha
55. Mankidia
56. Paudi Bhuyan
57. Sauura
Rajasthan58. Saharia
Tamil Nadu59. Irular
60. Kattu Nayakan
61. Korumba
62. Kota
63. Paniyan
64. Toda
Tripura65. Riang
Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand 
66. Buksa
67. Raji
West Bengal68. Birhor
69. Lodha
70. Toto
Andaman & Nicobar Islands71. Great Andamanese
72. Jarawa
73. Onge
74. Sentinelese
75. Shom Pen

What is the PM PVTG Development Mission?

Why in news: Recently, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) said that it was probing 20 IAS coaching institutes for making misleading claims in their advertisements and for unfair trade practices.

Key details:

About CCPA:

Why in news: The NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2024 after a few tests.

About NISAR:

Aims and purpose of the mission:

Why in news: The ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities’ has been made live by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA).

Key details:

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