Topic 1 : International School of Peace and Happiness

Why in news: A first-of-its-kind school for imparting lessons on humanity and societal happiness will take root in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) of Assam.

Key details:

Why in news: The new Mahalakshmi scheme of Telangana government has grown a disquiet among the State’s autorickshaw drivers.

Key issues:

About the scheme:

Topic 3 : Impact of Article 370 verdict on federalism

Why in news: Recently, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the power of the President to abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution, which in August 2019 led to the reorganisation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) into two Union Territories and denuded it of its special privileges.

How is this debate concerned with federalism?

What did the Centre do in 2019? 

What did the Supreme Court (SC) rule on revocation of Article 370?

Petitioners’ arguments:

Can a State be turned into a Union Territory?

What about the role of the State?

Asymmetric federalism:

Why is it said that India has asymmetric federalism?

Difference between powers of Puducherry and Delhi:

Why in news: Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Kashi Tamil Sangamam at Namo Ghat, Varanasi.

Key details:

The Kashi Tamil Sangamam

Why in news: The 28th Conference of Parties (COP-28) in Dubai has also discussed about cities and their future.

What was discussed about cities?

What can be done in the Global South?


Topic 6 : Telecom Bill 2023

Why in news: The Telecommunications Bill, 2023 was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Union minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology recently.

About the Telecommunications Bill, 2023:

Highlights of the Bill:


Why in news: Thirty-three Lok Sabha members and 45 from Rajya Sabha, all belonging to the Opposition INDIA group, were suspended recently.

Why were the MPs suspended?

Why do MPs disrupt Parliament?

Process of suspension of MPs:

How long can MPs be suspended for?

Why in news: The Shahi Idgah, a three-domed mosque, in Mathura will be surveyed following the decision of the Allahabad High Court.

What does Places of Worship Act say?

History of the land:

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