Topic 1: National SC-ST Hub Scheme

Context: PM appreciates success of National SC-ST Hub Scheme

About the scheme:

Topic 2: Met Gala

Context: The annual Met Gala is being held.

What is the Met Gala?

Topic 3: Asean India Maritime Exercise

Context: AIME-2023 is being held in Singapore.

Key details:

Topic 4: Psychedelic substances

Context: Psychedelic drugs, banned in India under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, are emerging in research as promising ways to treat treatment-resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder

What are Psychedelics?

How do the drugs work in the body?

Can such substances cause harm?

Recent breakthroughs:

Road Ahead:

Topic 5: Meitei community

Context: Some members of the Meitei community in Manipur, which has been seeking Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for decades, have now said that they intend to file contempt proceedings against the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) of the Manipur Assembly, which recently passed a resolution opposing their inclusion.

Key details:

More about Meitis:

Topic 5: Laundromat report

Context: Launromat report was released recently.

Key details:

Topic 6: Geomagnetic pearl oscillations

Context: Researchers have traced a very significant increase in special continuous oscillations with pearl-type structures called Geomagnetic Pc1 pearl oscillations on the surface of the Earth in the recovery phase of geomagnetic storms.

Key details:

Topic 7: Kyasanur disease

Context: One zoonotic illness where spillover events appear to have increased, resulting in recurring outbreaks, is Kyasanur forest disease (KFD) or monkey fever.

About the disease:

Why the disease is spreading?

Way forward:

Bonnet macaqueThe bonnet macaque is also known as zati.It is a species of macaque endemic to southern India.IUCN Status: Least concern

Topic 8: Bihan Mela

Context: Since 2019, members of the Kondh tribe in Odisha have added one more event to their calendar of festivals and celebrations called Bihan Mela

Key details:

Kondh Tribe:

Topic 9: Auroras in Ladakh

Context: The Indian Astronomical Observatory located over Mount Saraswati in Hanle, Ladakh, India, captured aurora lights on its camera. 

Key details:

What are ‘Auroras’?

How ‘aurora’ forms?

Why are northern lights visible only in winters?

Solar phenomena which caused auroras in Ladakh

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