Topic 1 : Goa Liberation Day

Why in news: On December 19, 1961, India annexed Goa in a quick military operation, after years of diplomatic efforts to secure its independence from Portugal failed.

Goa under the Portuguese

Goan nationalism

Indian diplomacy failure

Military action

Why in news: From a Mughal-sponsored structure to a concrete building, the Yogmaya Temple in Mehrauli, New Delhi, India, close to the Qutb complex is a historically important monument.

Key details:

Topic 3 : The National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second (Amendment) Bill, 2023

Why in news: Both Houses of Parliament recently passed The National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second (Amendment) Bill, 2023 to extend the protection, which would have ended with this year, until December 31, 2026.

Background of this law:

The recent amendment:

Way forward:

Why in news: Recently, the United Kingdom’s ad regulator banned advertisements from Air France, Lufthansa, and Etihad were accused of ‘greenwashing’ for allegedly misleading consumers regarding the environmental impact of air travel.

Key details:

What is Greenwashing?

Aviation industry and emissions

Why in news: ‘Dunki’, the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan movie , is based on migration of people from India and Pakistan through Donkey Route to America.

Key details:

Why in news: Thousands of protesters led by Opposition parties in Maharashtra marched towards billionaire Gautam Adani’s Mumbai office to express their dissent against the ₹23,000 crore Dharavi Redevelopment Project.

About Dharavi:

What is the Dharavi Redevelopment Project?


Current status of the project:

When will the project be finished?

Why in news: U.S. Defense Secretary announced the creation of a multinational operation to safeguard commerce in the Red Sea following a series of missile and drone attacks by Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthis.

About Red Sea:

Topic 8 : SAFAR system

Why in news: The Founder-Director of SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting Research) spoke about issues related to air pollution in an interview recently.

About SAFAR system:

Framework developed by SAFAR:

Range of the air quality forecast:

What is emission inventory?

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