Topic 1: Heat waves in India

Context: At least 68 people admitted to a district hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia are suspected to have died between June 15 and 18 due to scorching heatwave conditions, with temperatures soaring up to 43.5 degree Celsius in the region.

What is a Heat Wave?

Occurrence of Heat waves:

Why do heatwaves cause deaths?

Impact on humans:


Topic 2: Ex Khaan Quest 2023

Context: Indian army contingent participates in multinational joint exercise “Ex Khaan Quest 2023” in Mongolia.

Key details:

What is the U.N. Peacekeeping mission?

India’s contribution towards United Nations Peacekeeping forces

Topic 3: DAKSHTA For Young Professionals

Key details:

About Karmayogi program:

Topic 4: Indo-US ties: Economics & Strategy

Context: Indian Prime Minister heads to the United States for an official state visit on the invitation of American President.

Economic engagement


Strategic underpinnings

Problem areas:

Topic 5: Archaeologist finds Mesolithic-era rock painting in Andhra’s Guntur

Context: A Mesolithic period rock painting depicting a person tilling a piece of land has been found by D. Kanna Babu.

Key details:

Topic 6: Submersible and a submarine

Context: The Titan, the vessel that went missing in the area of the Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic recently, is classified as a submersible, not a submarine, because it does not function as an autonomous craft, instead relying on a support platform to deploy and return.

What is a submersible and how is it different from a submarine?

What is ‘Titan’?

Topic 7: INS Kirpan

Context: India gifts INS Kirpan to Vietnam.

Key details:

India-Vietnam Relations:

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