Topic 1: Thawing Permafrost could destabilize thousands of industrial sites in Arctic

Context: Amidst Rising Global Temperatures, thawing permafrost is likely to destabilize thousands of industrial sites and linked contaminated areas in the Arctic.


Source: Indian Express

Topic 2: Gujarat to become India’s Green Hydrogen Hub

Context: Gujarat has signed MoUs with several big corporates, including Reliance, Adani, which have pledged huge investments in green energy projects.


Source: The Hindu

         Topic 3: Localizations of Sustainable Development Goals

Context: Bhopal has become the first city in India to join the growing global movement. 


Source: The Hindu

Topic 4: Right to Assembly

Context: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has set aside the state governemnt order that sought to regulate public gatherings or ‘assembly on roads, roadside and margins.


The court in its order noticed that historically, culturally and politically, the tradition of public meetings, processions, assembly etc. on streets, highways etc. has been recognized in this country and it is an important facet of political life in India.

What is the government order and why was it issued?

What was the Observation of the Court?

Source: The Indian Express

    Topic 5: Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What is Generative AI?

Source: Live Mint

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