Topic 1: The Post of Deputy CM; Historical and Legal dimension

Context: D.K Shivakumar sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka

History of the post of Deputy CM

Source: The Indian Express

Topic 2: India’s African Jumbos

Context: The Zoo officials at Delhi and Mysuru are grappling to find mate for the only two African elephants in the country.


Source: Indian Express, IUCN

 Topic 3: QUAD led Bio-Manufacturing Hub in India



What needs to be done?

 Topic 4: Regulating the Salt intake

Context: The Indian council for Medical Research (ICMR) highlighted the need to reduce the Salt intake.


Harmful effects of Salt on health?

Source: The Hindu

                          Topic 5: Surge in Global Prices of edible oils

Context: India’s edible oil imports set for a record high.


Impact of price volatility on India:

Source: The Indian Express

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