Topic 1: National Florence Nightingale Awards

Context: President Of India Presents National Florence Nightingale Awards – 2022 And 2023

About the awards:

Topic 2: Upanishads

Context: Prime Minister of India presented the President of USA a first edition print of the book The Ten Principal Upanishads from 1937.

About the book:

Categories of Hindu scriptures

What are the Upanishads?

Who was WB Yeats?

Topic 3: Lab Grown Diamonds

Context: As part of his first state visit to the United States, Prime Minister of India gifted the Bidens (American President and his wife) with a 7.5 carat lab-grown diamond.

About lab-grown diamonds

Difference between simulants and LGDs:

Production of LGDs:




Topic 4: Summer solstice

Context: The longest day of the year, for anyone living north of the Equator, is June 21 which is referred to as the summer solstice.

About Summer Solstice:

What happens during the solstice?

Topic 5: INDUS X

Context: India-United States Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS X) launched in Washington DC, U.S.

About INDUS X:

India-US relations:

Way Forward:

Topic 6: Modi Mitra certificates

Context: The BJP’s minority wing is stepping up its outreach programme by distributing certificates to those who appreciate Prime Minister’s vision and initiatives.

About the certificates:

Topic 7: The Samosa Caucus

Context: In his speech to the joint sitting of the United States Congress Prime Minister of India referred to the “Samosa Caucus” in the House of Representatives.

About Samosa Caucus:

Topic 8: Kalaignar pen monument

Context: Centre grants approval for Kalaignar pen monument in Bay of Bengal

Key details:

Topic 9: Matsya 6000

Context: With hope dwindling on the chances of survival of those in the Titan submersible, scientists in India, preparing to undertake a similar dive in an indigenous vehicle late next year.

About Matsya:

Samudrayan missionThe goal of the Samudrayaan Mission is to develop a self-propelled manned submersible that is capable of carrying three people to a depth of 6,000 metres in the ocean.This submersible will also be outfitted with a collection of scientific sensors and instruments for use in deep ocean research.People from the scientific community will be able to directly observe and examine previously unmapped parts of the deep.In addition to this, it will improve the capability of constructing man-rated vehicles for use in deep water environments.The period is anticipated to be five years, beginning in 2020-2021 and ending in 2025-2026.

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