Inter-Ministerial Joint Workshop on Blue Economy

Syllabus: GS3/Economy



What is the Blue Economy?

India’s Blue Economy

Significance of the Blue Economy


Steps Taken by Government of India to Promote Blue Economy

Way Ahead

Source: PIB

Guidelines For Online Betting And Gambling Platforms

Syllabus: GS2/Government Policies and Interventions



Major highlights of the advisory

Online Gambling

Advantages of Online Gambling

Challenges of Online gambling

Regulation of Online Gambling in India: The laws governing online gambling in India are complex and vary by state however, there are some overarching laws that apply to the entire country:

Related Supreme Court Judgements:

Way ahead

Source: PIB

Indian PM Visit to Bhutan Relations

Syllabus: GS3/ International Relations


Key Highlights

India-Bhutan Relations

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Sikkim with a length of 699 km and serve as a buffer between India and China.

Development Projects

The China factor in India-Bhutan relations

Way Ahead

Source: TH

Insurgency in Balochistan

Syllabus: GS2/IR


About Balochistan

Background of the Insurgency 

Insurgency and Discontent

India’s Stand on Balochistan

Source: IE

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