Topic 1: Impact of Climate Change on Indian Economy

Context: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that global temperatures are likely to surge to record levels in next five years.


Visible evidences of Climate Change:

How vulnerable is India?

The macroeconomic impact of Climate Change:

  1. The physical risks (gradual and sustained change in temperature and precipitation) as well as acute events like extreme weather occurrences.
  2. The transition risks i.e., economy-wide changes arising from the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Source: The Indian Express

Topic 2: Second Production-Linked incentive (PLI) initiative for the steel industry.

Context: The government is set to introduce a second production-linked industry aimed at bolstering the local capital goods industry.


The five categories of specialty steel which have been chosen in the PLI Scheme are:

                      Topic 3: India-Germany push trilateral projects


                      Topic 4: North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC)

Context: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revived the hope for international North-South Transport Corridor.

File:North South Transport Corridor (NSTC).jpg


Present status of the project:

What are the Stakes for India?

Challenges to the Project?

However, despite the challenges, the Russians and the Iranians seem determined to go ahead as they see the corridor as a potential game changer in their plans for Eurasian economic integration.

       Topic 5: Skewed Student-teacher; gross violation of Right to Education Act


Source: The Hindu

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