Topic 1 : Church of Saint Porphyrius

Why in news: An Israeli airstrike to a building adjacent to Gaza’s historic Church of Saint Porphyrius, belonging to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has caused extensive damage to the church.

Key details:

Why in news: The practice of ‘visa shopping’ has been gaining popularity in several Indian states, including Punjab, where travel companies often facilitate this setup for travellers.

What is visa shopping?

The Schengen Visa

Legal issues involved in visa shopping

Topic 3 : Invocation of Vienna Convention by India and Canada

Why in news: Amid the ongoing standoff between India and Canada, the Canadian government announced it has recalled 41 diplomats posted in India, and their family members.

What is the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?

1961 Vienna Convention and recalling diplomats

Where is the quote from?

Meaning of the quote:

Why wander if you are not lost?

Why in news: Experts have cautioned that there is a need to relook at the Dam Safety Act of India.

Key details:

Provisions of the Act:

Obligations of the States:

Is any action taken for failing to comply?


Way forward:

Topic 5 : Bidenomics

Why in news: The potential election outcome in the US could have far-reaching consequences, especially concerning ‘Bidenomics’—President Biden’s distinctive economic policy approach.

Key details:

What is Bidenomics?

Relevance of Bidenomics:

Pillars of Bidenomics

Implications of Bidenomics:


Why in news: Recently, a five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, declined to legalise same-sex marriage, leaving it to Parliament to legislate on the subject.

Key details:

What did the petitioners want?

Why did SC refuse to read down the SMA?

Way forward:

Why in news: Recently, a sudden surge in the Teesta river washed away habitations in Sikkim, the Chungthang Dam, several bridges and parts of National Highway 10.

What triggered the floods?

Status of hydel power projects:

Way forward:

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