Topic 1: LockBit ransomware

Context: Recently, in a first, reports emerged that LockBit ransomware was found to be targeting Mac devices.

Key details:

What is Ransomware?

Topic 2: India’s first water body census

Context: The Ministry of Jal Shakti released a report of the first-ever water body census recently. It provides detailed information on water bodies in the country.

What is the water body census?

Definition of a water body


What was the need for a water bodies census?

How was the data collected?

Main findings of the Water Bodies Census

Encroachment of water bodies

Topic 3: Trees, crops endemic to India can help combat air pollution: Study

Context: Certain trees and crops which are endemic to India can help lower the impact of air pollution by absorbing and filtering pollutants, according to a new study.

Key details:


Topic 4: Fertilizer use in India

Context: None of the measures introduced by the government have succeeded in reducing urea consumption.

Key details:

 What are fertilizers?

What is a fertiliser subsidy?

How is the subsidy paid and who gets it?

The Nutrient Based Subsidy:


Way forward

What is a nano urea liquid?Nano urea liquid is a nanotechnology-based fertilizer to increase the growth of crops by restoring nitrogen to plants as an alternative to conventional urea.It enhances the nutritional quality and productivity of the crop along with improving the underground water quality. The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), a cooperative society, has developed and patented nano urea liquid technology.When sprayed on leaves, Nano Urea easily enters through stomata and other openings and is assimilated by the plant cells.It is easily distributed through the phloem from the source to sink inside the plant as per its need.Unutilised nitrogen is stored in the plant vacuole and is slowly released for proper growth and development of the plant.
The One Nation One Fertiliser schemeUnder the scheme, all fertiliser companiesState Trading Entities (STEs) and Fertiliser Marketing Entities (FMEs) will be required to use a single “Bharat” brand for fertilisers and logo under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP).The new Bharat brand name and PMBJP logo will cover two-thirds of the front of the fertiliser packetThe manufacturing brands can only display their name, logo, and other information on the remaining one-third space 

Topic 5: Operation Kaveri

Context: India has started Operation Kaveri to evacuate its nationals from conflict-torn Sudan.

Key details:

Topic 6: World Malaria Day 2023

Context: Ending Malaria remains a top government priority for India.

About Malaria

Breakthrough Malaria vaccines

Malaria in India:

Key challenges

Way forward

Topic 7: Safe City Project

Context: Delhi will soon have a seamless network of sensors implemented as part of the first phase of the Safe City Project.

About the Project:

Operationalisation of the project:

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