Topic 1: The Chola Sengol Tradition

Context: The New Parliament to house Sceptre (Sengol) that ssymbolised transfer of Power on 1947.

Historical Significance of the Sengol:

The Transfer of Power Ceremony of 1947:

Source: The Hindu

     Topic 2 : Forum for India-Pacific Islands Co-operation (FIPIC)

Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended a meeting of 14 Pacific Ocean Island nations in Papua New Guinea

What is FIPIC?

What was the idea behind FIPIC?

The FIPIC Summit:

Source: The Indian Express

                   Topic 3: Legal dimension of the Narco Tests

Context: The protesting wrestlers have agreed to take the narco analysis test, provided it is monitored by the Supreme Court.

What is a narco test?

Supreme Court Observation on Narco tests:

What is the evidentiary value of such tests?

The results of narco-analysis tests are not considered “confessions” since those in a drugged-induced state cannot exercise their choice in answering questions put to them.

The Supreme Court, through its 2010 ruling, clarified that “any information or material that is subsequently discovered with the help of voluntary administered test results can be admitted, in accordance with Section 27 of the Evidence Act, 1872.

Source: The Indian Express

Topic 4: Relationship between Ease of Doing Business Ranking and the state of an economy


The EoDB ranking and the Economy:

Source: The Indian Express

    Topic 5: Fresh Tax troubles for Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

Context: Income tax department has disallowed the setting-off of derivative market gain against equity capital losses in some cases.


Different Norms for Resident Indian and FPIs

What will change for FPIs now?

Source: Live Mint

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