Topic 1 : Woke: What does the word mean?

Why in news: Rashtriya Swayamsevak chief termed “cultural Marxists or woke” people as deceitful and destructive forces in the country, in his speech.   

Origin of the word:

The global usage of woke


Why in news: India and Sri Lanka recently adopted a ‘vision document’ for a deeper economic partnership.

The ‘vision document’ of India- Sri Lankan ties

The Cheriyapani ferry service:

Maritime linkage between India and Sri Lanka:

Significance of the ferry service:

Topic 3 : Preventive Detention

Why in news: As Telangana gears up for Assembly polls next month, its stringent preventive detention law is under the spotlight.

What is preventive detention?

Under what laws can the state order preventive detention?

Powers of the State:

How do courts assess the detention orders?

Why in news: Prime Minister Narendra Modi publicly declared India’s intention to host the Olympic Games, preferably in 2036, during the opening ceremony of the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) session in Mumbai.

Key details:

How was a host country initially selected?

The Olympic movement:

The new approach

How has the process become more flexible?

Why in news: China is building an enormous telescope in the western Pacific Ocean to detect “ghost particles”, also known as neutrinos.

What is a ghost particle?

How do scientists detect ghost particles?

Significance of ghost particles:

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