Topic 1: EU market scheme

Context: The 27 member states in the EU approved a revamp to the bloc’s carbon market, which is set to make it more costly to pollute for businesses in Europe, sharpening the main tool the EU has to discourage carbon dioxide emissions in the industrial sector.

What is the carbon market?

Topic 2: Law for filing of FIR in sexual harassment cases

Context: The Supreme Court issued notice to Delhi Police on a petition filed by seven wrestlers seeking an FIR against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president on allegations of sexual harassment.

The law:

Process of filing FIR:

Is failure to register an FIR an offence?

The FIR provisions under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act

Other remedies if police refuse to file an FIR

Topic 3: Gujjar-Bakherwals

Context: A new terror push in Jammu, likely alienation of Gujjar-Bakherwals

Key details:

Topic 4: Nuclear liability law

Context: The issues regarding India’s nuclear liability law continue to hold up the more than a decade-old plan to build six nuclear power reactors in Maharashtra’s Jaitapur, the world’s biggest nuclear power generation site under consideration at present.

Law governing nuclear liability in India

Supplier liability clause as an issue in nuclear deals

Existing projects in India

What is the government’s stand?

Topic 5: Mahanadi water dispute

Context: A controversy has erupted over Chhattisgarh’s release of Mahanadi water into the lower catchment area of the river system.

The Mahanadi River

The Dispute

Topic 6: SWAGAT initiative

Context: PM to participate in programme marking 20 years of SWAGAT initiative.

Key details:

Topic 7: Logistics Performance Index 2023

Context: India sees remarkable improvement on 4 out of 6 LPI indicators.

Key details:

Government initiatives:

Topic 8: Panchang

Context: Delhi University to launch ‘Panchang’ for revival of India’s intellectual heritage

Key details:

Topic 9: Silent Dehydration

Context: A recent study found that 75 per cent Indians are dehydrated to some degree.

Key details:

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