Topic 1 : Kargil Vijay Diwas

Context: Leaders across India’s political spectrum paid their tributes to India’s armed forces and the fallen martyrs on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas.

About The Kargil War

Topic 2 : Sri Lanka’s 13th Amendment

Context: Indian Prime Minister expressed the hope that Sri Lanka would be committed to implementing the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s constitution — which flows from the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987 — and holding provincial council elections.

The Indo-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987

Implementation of the 13th Amendment

Topic 3 : Bill proposes birth record digitisation

Context: India has taken the first step to generate digital birth certificates by introducing Registration of Births and Deaths Amendment Bill, 2023.

Key details:

Context: Union Minister of Earth Sciences informed the Lok Sabha about Samudrayaan project.

About the Mission:

Main components of the Deep Sea Mission

Relevance of the Project for India:

Entities involved in Samudrayaan

Context: The 8th India-Australia Defence Policy Talks (DPT) were held recently.

About Indo-Australia Relations:

Context: West Bengal, which is home to about 40% of the mangrove forests in India, announced the setting up of a ‘mangrove cell’ in the State.

Key details:

About Mangroves and their significance:  

Where do mangroves grow in India?

Ecosystem of these forests

Significance of Mangroves for climate change:  

Mangrove cover in India

Topic 7 : The Biodiversity Act

Context: Recently, Lok Sabha gave its approval to a Bill to amend some provisions of the Biological Diversity Act of 2002.

The 2002 Act:

Earlier efforts to protect biodiversity:

Need for amendments:

The proposed Amendments:

Context: Government has approved Vibrant Villages Programme (VVP) as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme recently for  comprehensive development of the select villages.

About the programme:

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