A.M. Khanwilkar Appointed as Lokpal Chairperson

Syllabus: GS2/Statutory bodies


More about the News 

Lokpal in India


Lokpal and Lokayukta Act 2013


Measures Needed

Way Forward

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Electric Vehicles in India

Syllabus: GS3/Infrastructure


Market Growth and Potential of Electric Vehicles in India

Challenges associated with the EVs in India

Government Initiatives


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Funding for Research and Development in India

Syllabus: GS3/Science and Technology

In Context


Funding for R&D in India

Funding for Research and Development in India
Israel spends approx. 4.5% of its GDP

Reasons for the Low Funding in R&D in India

Brain Drain

– Lower spending on R&D, and less innovative opportunities may lead people to move from one region to another region – state/ country for better opportunity.
– This phenomenon is known as brain drain and reduces the competitive edge of a state, further impacting the country’s overall economy.

Some Recent Measures to Incentivise R&D across Sectors include:


Way Ahead

Structure of Ministry of Science and Technology

– The Ministry of Science and Technology has three departments: (i) Department of Science and Technology (DST), (ii) Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), and (iii) Department of Biotechnology (DBT).  
a. DST formulates and implements policies for the promotion of science, technology, research, and innovation in the country.  
b. DSIR is responsible for promotion, development, and transfer of indigenous technology.  The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is an autonomous body under DSIR which undertakes research and development in diverse areas.  
c. DBT is entrusted with the promotion and development of biotechnology.  

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Completion of ‘10,000 Genome’ Project 

Syllabus: GS3/Science and Technology



What is Genome Sequencing?

Significance of Genome Sequencing

Way Ahead

The Human Genome Project (HGP)

– The project was a voyage of biological discovery led by an international group of researchers looking to comprehensively study all of the DNA (known as a genome) of a select set of organisms. 
– It was launched in 1990 and completed in 2003.
– The Project’s signature accomplishment provided fundamental information about the human blueprint, which has since accelerated the study of human biology and improved the practice of medicine.

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News in Short

Draft Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024

Syllabus: GS2/Government Policies and Interventions



Major highlights of the New Rules

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Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania 

Syllabus: GS3/Environment


Selous Game Reserve (partially renamed as Nyerere National Park):

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Syllabus: GS3/Science and Technology

In Context


What is Virus?

Examples of viruses

What are Viroids?

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