Topic 1 : Beladakuppe temple

Why in news: The increase in footfall to the Beladakuppe Sri Mahadeshwaraswamy Temple is raising concern among forest department staff and conservation activists as it has a long-term bearing on wildlife.

Key details:

Why in news: After efforts to release 41 workers trapped in the collapsed Silkyara-Barkot tunnel faced another major setback, the rescuers are now planning to drill through the remaining few meters using the practice of rat-hole mining.

What is rat-hole mining?

Environmental and safety concerns

Topic 3 : Indian agriculture and the factors of technology

Why in news: The factors of technology have boosted agricultural growth in India despite shrinking cultivable land.

Factors of Production:

Production in pre-Green revolution era:

Role of the factors of production in pre-Green revolution era:

Factors of technology

The four factors of technology: 

Trends in agricultural output:

Why in news: Over the past weeks, India has expressed itself in statements, joint statements, and votes at the United Nations on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

India’s position on the issue:

Is India’s position closer to the West or the Global South?

How will this impact ties in West Asia?

Why in news: The 9th National Level Pollution Response Exercise (NATPOLREX-IX) was conducted by the Indian Coast Guard in Gujarat.

Key details:

Why in news: President of India called for the setting up of an all-India judicial service as a way to ensure equal representation of India’s diversity in the judiciary.

What is the proposed All India Judicial Service (AIJS)?

How are district judges currently recruited?

Need for AIJS:

What is the judiciary’s view on the AIJS?


Way forward:

Why in news: The legality and regulatory framework surrounding Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) remain a topic of debate

Key details:

What are DAOs?

The various use cases:

Implications for the digital world



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