Topic 1: National Health Account

Context: There has been a consistent increase in government spending, coupled with declining out-of-pocket expenditure by people on their healthcare needs, shows the National Health Account Estimates 2019-20, released recently.

What is a National Health Account?

Key findings:



Topic 2: Gum Arabic

Context:Sudan’s eruption into conflict has left international consumer goods makers racing to shore up supplies of gum Arabic.

Key details:

What is Gum Arabic?

Topic 3: Star rating system for water taps

Context: The Centre is in the process of bringing in a star rating system for water fixtures similar to the ratings for electrical appliances.

Key details:

The star rating system:The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has developed a star rating system for electrical appliances that will help recognise an energy-efficient appliance.The appliance efficiency ratings are labelled in a range of 1 to 5 stars.An energy star refers to the appliance’s energy efficiency, with 1 star being the least efficient and 5 stars being the most efficient.The Bureau of Energy EfficiencyThe Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a government agency under the Ministry of Power.It acts as an intermediary body between the Governmentmanufacturers and consumers with the goal of energy efficiency.The main goal of this agency is to set norms and standards for energy ratings and act as an enforcement body. BEE is also responsible for making consumers aware of the importance of energy efficiency. 

Topic 4: Forest fires in Uttarakhand

Context: Forest fires now pose a threat to the very survival of Uttarakhand’s unique biodiversity

Key details:

SpeciesDegree of threat
Asian elephantEndangered, Schedule-I
Common leopard Vulnerable, Schedule-I
Sloth bear
Cheer pheasant
Bristled grassbirdVulnerable
Great hornbillNear threatened, Schedule-I
Laggar falcon
Himalayan monal Schedule-I
Kalij pheasant
Indian peafowl
Western tragopanVulnerable, Schedule-I
Satyr tragopanNear Threatened, Schedule-I

Way forward:

Topic 5: Seamounts

Context: In an astonishing discovery, scientists have reported finding 19,325 new seamounts after poring through new high-resolution data.

What is a seamount?

Topic 6: City Nature Challenge

Context: Over 30 Indian cities are set to participate in the City Nature Challenge.

Key details:

Topic 7: Microbes at the top of the world

Context: Researchers recently examined the microbiota on the inhospitable slopes of Mount Everest.

Key details:

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