Topic 1 : Hul Diwas

Context: Prime Minister of India tweeted about Hul Diwas, remembering the sacrifice of Adivasis in their fight against British colonial authorities.

About the Hul revolution:

About Santals

Context: Scientists said they have found evidence to suggest that the universe is replete with low-frequency gravitational waves.

About detection of low-frequency gravitational waves:

What are gravitational waves?

Significance of gravitational waves

What is spacetime?

Context: A Jupiter-like planet located 520 light-years from Earth may be an unlikely survivor after its host star had a temper tantrum.

About the planet:

Topic 4 : Quote: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither

About the Quote:

Liberty vs security

Context: The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) wrote to the Election Commission seeking action against parties that fail to publish details of criminal antecedents of candidates as per orders of the Supreme Court and the poll panel.

Key details:

About Criminalization of Politics



Way forward:

Topic 6 : Artemis Accords

Context: Recently, India became the 27th signatory to the Artemis Accords.

About Artemis Accords:

Difference between OST & Artemis

Various agreements on space

Challenges faced by the Accords:

India and the Accords:

Significance for India:


Context: The International Seabed Authority is preparing to resume negotiations that could open the international seabed for mining, including for materials critical for the green energy transition.

What Is Deep Sea Mining?

How Is Deep Sea Mining Regulated Now?

Environmental Concerns

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