Topic 1: Johannesburg II Declaration

Why in news: The 15th BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa expanded the group’s membership to a broader bloc of emerging market and developing countries (EMDC). 

Key details:

Topic 2: Self-respect marriages

Why in news: The Supreme Court observed that there is no blanket ban on advocates solemnising “self-respect” marriages under Section 7(A) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

About self-respect marriages

Topic 3: Konark Sun temple

Why in news: The inside views of the world-famous Sun Temple at Konark in Puri district have come to the fore with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) taking photographs of the inside of the sand-filled temple.  

About the temple:

Topic 4: Takahe bird

Why in news: The Takahē bird, which was formally declared extinct in 1898, is gradually increasing its presence in New Zealand.

About the bird:

Topic 5: AirFibre

Why in news: Reliance Jio has announced the launch of its fixed wireless broadband solution called Jio AirFibre.

About Airfibre:

Broadband market in India:

Topic 6: The European Union’s Digital Services Act

Why in news: The European Union’s groundbreaking Digital Services Act (DSA) went into effect recently.

About DSA:

Key features of the Digital Services Act


Topic 7: Radioactive chapatis

Why in news: A Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom has called for a statutory inquiry into medical research carried out on Indian-origin and South Asian women decades ago in the city of Coventry.

Key details:

About the study:

Was the study ‘ethical’?

What are radioactive isotopes?

Topic 8: Hollongapar sanctuary and Hoolock Gibbon

Context: Primatologists have suggested rerouting a 1.65-km long railway track that has divided the Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary dedicated to the western hoolock gibbon (Hoolock hoolock) into two unequal parts.

Key details:

About Hoolock Gibbons:

About the Hollongapar Sanctuary:

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