Topic 1 : Krishnaveni Sangeetha Neerajanam

Why in news: Ministry of Tourism organizes  prequel event of Krishnaveni Sangeetha Neerajanam.

Key details:

Why in news: IGNOU has launched a channel-based counseling initiative titled ‘Swayam Prabha’ in the Manipuri language.

Key details:

About Swayam Prabha:

Topic 3 : Booker prize

Why in news: Paul Lynch wins the 2023 Booker prize.

Key details:

About the Booker Prize:

Why in news: Union Home Minister announced the signing of a peace agreement with the Meitei separatist group United National Liberation Front (UNLF) in Manipur, terming it a historic milestone.

About UNLF:

About UAPA:

What Is The Process Of Banning An Organisation?

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal

Meaning of various terms and phrases under the Act:


Why in news: Recently, the Uttar Pradesh Government’s Food Security and Drug Administration banned the manufacture, sale, storage and distribution of halal-certified products with immediate effect.

Key details:

Why was it banned?

What does ‘halal’ mean?

Can non-meat products also be halal?

How are halal certificates issued?

What about export products?

Why in news: Rat hole mining was used to rescue 41 people trapped inside a tunnel in Uttarakhand.

What is rat-hole mining?

Why is such mining banned?

Environmental and safety concerns

Way forward?

Why in news: India has voted in favour of a draft resolution in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that expressed deep concern over Israel not withdrawing from the Syrian Golan.

Key details:

About the Golan Heights:

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