04 APRIL 2024

Taiwan Earthquake Syllabus: GS1/Geography (Important Geophysical Phenomena) Context: About Earthquake Measure of Earthquake: Seismic waves: Types: Why Are There Frequent Earthquakes in the Pacific Region? Socio – Environmental Consequences of Earthquakes Source: TH Risk From Glacial Lake Floods Syllabus: GS 1/Geography/GS3/Environment  In News What are GLOFs? Reasons  Impacts  Geographical Distribution:  Suggestions  Source:IE Excavation Reveals Harappan […]

23 MARCH 2024

Inter-Ministerial Joint Workshop on Blue Economy Syllabus: GS3/Economy Context About What is the Blue Economy? India’s Blue Economy Significance of the Blue Economy Challenges Steps Taken by Government of India to Promote Blue Economy Way Ahead Source: PIB Guidelines For Online Betting And Gambling Platforms Syllabus: GS2/Government Policies and Interventions Context:  About: Major highlights of the […]